Whiteboard Hacking

Threat Modeling Training

Toreon ensures the best-in-market application security training, brought by professionals in the field. Our threat modeling or whiteboard hacking security training sessions are particularly based on the our experience with threat modeling hundreds of systems for our customers. We use a simplified STRIDE methodology which was introduced by Adam Shostack, a world leading expert on threat modeling.

LIt is our goal to help our clients to improve their security maturity level. The best way of doing that is to transfer this knowledge to the work floor. In this way we can be certain that your employers will identify risks at a faster rate and learn how to mitigate them using our threat modeling methodology. Furthermore, we will make sure our clients have all the tools and knowledge available to manage their security themselves.

Our Threat modeling talks, trainings and awareness sessions can be held at conferences, in-house or in open sessions. In addition, our trainers and coaches are consultants with enormous experience on the job and in-depth knowledge in their particular fields, as such, our training or awareness sessions are always centered around best practices deemed to be so valuable for our customers.

But you can also opt to attend one of these open sessions

We currently offer different kinds of trainings:

Whiteboard Hacking - Grotehondstraat 44 1/1 - 2018 Antwerpen - jelle@diggle.be