Whiteboard Hacking

About Whiteboard Hacking

Whiteboard Hacking is the name and branding of the threat modeling training we teach at Toreon. We came up with the term “whiteboard hacking” when we submitted our training for the Black Hat trainings in 2017 and wanted a “sexy” and attractive name for our threat modeling training.

Whietboard hacking really covers what we are teaching. Threat modeling is typically done together in front of a whiteboard on which you draw your diagrams and take threat analysis notes. Your most important tool to do threat modeling is actually your brain! That is why we created our training: to teach you how to practically create threat models that are actionable. We created our training based on years of practice and hundreds of threat models that we create and update for our Toreon customers.

Over the last years our training practice has grown exponentially, based on the success of our trainings we do at conferences and the subsequent demand for inhouse trainings. At Toreon we now have 5 trainers that deliver our whiteboard hacking training towards various audiences based on different needs.

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